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Garden Design

See a wide range of successful gardens which have given so much pleasure to their owners. Many continue to work with Pamela as she helps them to care for the plants as they mature or even create their next garden when they move house.
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Garden Maintenance

Pamela Johnson Garden Design offers a complete garden design service from an initial consultation, to finding a good contractor, to planting up the new garden and advice for the future. She can use her experience and horticultural knowledge to source and supply the plants and even make sure the planting is done correctly to guarantee long term success.
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Planting Service

Pamela loves to share her passion for garden design and horticulture and regularly writes, teaches and gives illustrated talks to charities and societies. She also runs design and drawing workshops for colleges and the Society of Garden Designers
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Pamela Johnson Garden Design is a long established design practice based in South West London dedicated to helping you get the best from your garden. With a relaxed approach, Pamela utilises her wealth of knowledge and practical experience to explore ideas and find solutions which will lead to a stunningly beautiful garden for years to come. Whatever you need, be it a large family garden or a smart place to party in, a wild life haven or a neatly trimmed front garden, she will find an answer.

And size doesn’t matter! You might have a tiny courtyard or a few acres of wilderness, either way she can bring out the potential of even the most difficult site. She covers all aspects of gardens from the aesthetics of ornamental planting, lighting and sculpture to the practical considerations of where to store the wheelie bin, park the car or hang up the washing line. Her designs are as varied as her client’s personalities, but simplicity and harmony are the key principles which make all her gardens stand out. Central to her work is a potent mix of art, design and horticulture.

She is a Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers, the leading UK professional body for garden design. Her own small garden in South West London has been attracting visitors through the National Gardens Scheme for over twenty years. Pamela now has many impressive mature gardens in London and around the UK which demonstrate her skills and dedication to this unique profession.

Contact Pamela today to find out how she can help you achieve more with your own bit of land than you ever imagined possible.


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Planting Design Essentials is aimed at the frustrated gardener or designer who would like to know how to improve their planting and keep it looking good for years to come. With practical advice, clear examples, illustrations and photographs, it is an inspirational guide written by two experienced garden designers who regularly practice and teach this complex subject.