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Long narrow woodland garden

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Long narrow woodland garden

This long narrow woodland garden was created in early summer 2005 and is now a leafy oasis in the middle of the city. Years before, Pamela had maintained the owner’s previous garden, getting to know the whole family, so when they moved, Clare and Ian asked her to create a design for their new garden in South London. On the back of their new house they had built a contemporary kitchen/dining room with large windows and bi fold doors leading out to the garden. This meant the garden had a strong impact on the interior and the design needed to flow easily between the two spaces. To do this Pamela used a winding path to pull the eye outside and connect three simple, circular lawns. These shapes work well in small narrow spaces giving a sense of width. The narrowness of the garden meant they did not want high fences down each side, so instead, chain link fencing interspersed with willow hurdles were used. These defined the boundaries without creating a long, dark corridor.


Pamela also wanted to retain an essence of their old, pretty garden keeping the style soft and informal which complimented Clare’s simple colour palette of greens, purples and creams. The trees have a sculptural quality, especially in winter with their white ornamental stems.


This garden has been open for charity through the National Gardens Scheme and for the Great London Garden Trail 2010 in association with the Royal Horticultural Society, Dorling Kindersley and the Society of Garden Designers. It has also been featured in Gardeners World magazine in an article written by Rachel de Thame (link to article?)


Photography by Nicola Stocken Tomkins and Pamela Johnson


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