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Gardens can be created in many ways and sometimes a few ideas are all that is needed to help you with your garden. Other times a comprehensive design service with drawings and documents are required, but ultimately the overall budget will dictate how complex a project will be. There is no point designing a garden which will cost thousands of pounds to build if there is no money in the kitty. Getting the garden right in the first place will be the most economic use of any budget and this requires planning.





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  • Initial Consultation

  • Site Survey

  • Concept Plan

  • Final Detailed Design

  • Planting Design

  • Construction Details & Setting Out Plans

  • Specification of Works and Contracts

  • Project Inspection of Construction Work

Planting Design Essentials is aimed at the frustrated gardener or designer who would like to know how to improve their planting and keep it looking good for years to come. With practical advice, clear examples, illustrations and photographs, it is an inspirational guide written by two experienced garden designers who regularly practice and teach this complex subject.